Dry Creek Peach and Produce began harvesting Arctic Gem White Peaches last week; the harvest will last another week or two.

An Arctic Gem White Peach ripens in the sun at Dry Creek Peach & Produce

You can stop by the farm stand on Saturday or Sunday between noon and 5 p.m., in which case you might as well get an entire flat–about 8 pounds–to make the trip worth your while. The peaches are also available at Whole Foods Market in Sebastopol.

These white peaches are the best I have ever tasted, their sweetness complemented by a delicate acidity and a luscious texture,  evocative of silk and satin. Arctic Gem peaches are pure juicy pleasure.

To enjoy the first Arctic Gem of the year, use your fingers to pull off the skin; a fully ripened peach is easy to peel. Slice it into a pretty little bowl or simply eat it.

At their peak moment, Arctic Gem peaches need nothing more than to be savored.

Once you’ve had your fill, enjoy them in other ways.

Here are some  of Seasonal Pantry’s most popular peach recipes. They were developed using the Arctic Gem but you can use any ripe, flavorful peach.

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Oven-Roasted Chicken with Honey, Garlic & Fried White Peaches

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