“It’s a great year for poblanos,” Jill Adams of Crescent Moon Farm said at the Sebastopol farmers market on Sunday. I was picking up my standing order of Padron and Shishito chiles (I’m currently enjoying about a pound a week) and was thrilled to spot a basketful of big plump poblanos, my favorite of the mild–or mildish, I should, as they do have a bit of heat–chiles. I filled a bag, adding some New Mexico chiles, along with both mild and hot jalapenos. One of the things I love about Crescent Moon’s poblanos is the shape; most of the chiles are straight, instead of curvy like many poblanos. This quality makes it easier to blister and peel the skins. But there are many sources for great poblanos; get yours at your local farmers market and they should be excellent. Although I get most of my chiles these days from Crescent Moon Farms, I also buy poblanos from Ortiz Brothers and several other farms.

Sear chiles directly over a hot burner.

If you love this flavorful chile, it is a good idea to buy a lot of them at the peak of their season–from now until the first heavy rains or hard freeze–and freeze some to use in the winter and spring. They pair so beautifully with winter squash and potatoes and are wonderful in the hearty soups and stews that we enjoy in the winter that you’ll want them on hand so you don’t have to buy the out of season ones in supermarkets. To freeze them, simple sear the skins until blackened all over. Let them cool and then pack them into freezer bags without peeling them. The blackened skin comes off the frozen chiles quite easily.

You can enjoy these flavorful chiles simply, as in this dish of sausage–Franco’s Hawaiian Portuguese sausage, sliced and fried–sliced poblanos seasoned with a bit of lime juice and salt or use them as either a primary or supporting ingredient in soups, stews, enchiladas and such. I consider poblanos absolutely essential in Chile Verde. Here’s a round up of recipes featuring poblanos from the last few years of Seasonal Pantry.

Got a question about poblanos or other chiles? Post it here and I’ll get to it right away.

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