Tomorrow night, Michael Quigley (formerly of Cafe Lolo) is the featured chef at the Camp Meeker Supper Club, which takes place at Anderson Hall from 6 to 9 p.m. He’ll be preparing spicy pork and sweet goulash, pasta and dessert. Cost is $10 a person, an extremely attractive deal in our current economy. The price does not included beverages. If you want something to drink, bring it with you

The Supper Club has been going on for about a year, though it just started up again after a two-month hiatus. There’s a different chef each month.

Have you been to one of these dinners? If so, please tell us about it in the comment section of this blog. Who was the chef? What was the menu? And what was the–well, this is West County, after all, so–the vibe?

I have long wanted more Supper Club-style options for dinner, which used to be much more common, especially in West County. I love the idea of simply being fed, without choices (and without a costly prix-fixe menu) and I love the community element. I always imagine I’ll both see old friends and make new ones. It doesn’t always work out that way, but that is probably my fault. Sometimes the introvert in me takes over and I become too shy to speak to strangers. So here’s an idea: Talk to strangers at this or any supper club. I can guarantee most will be thankful, even if they’re a tad awkward about letting you know.

The Camp Meeker Supper Club is organized by Seth Minor, who lives in the community. I’ll be writing more about the dinners in upcoming posts so stay tuned.