In today’s Seasonal Pantry, I talk about one way to shop and cook economically, by looking for locally-raised chicken on sale at locally-owned markets. As promised in the column, here are links to a recipe for preparing perfect roasted chicken from the Seasonal Pantry archives. I’ve also provided a link for poached chicken. Both are easy and delicious.

Insert an instant thermometer into the thickest part of a chicken's thigh; when it reaches 160 degrees, pull it from the oven and let rest 5 to 10 minutes.

Perfect Roasted Chicken, with four variations

Malaysian-Style Poached Chicken

The recipe in today’s column is for porridge–also called jook and congee–made with brown rice, which is healthy, thrifty and delicious. A few months ago, as the weather was turning cold, I wrote about jook made from black rice (also known as forbidden rice) in a blog post, which you can find here. The post contains links to other jook and congee recipes, too.

Interestingly, I came across my recipe for black rice jook on an obscure Web site about bacon. It was copied from the post but edited in such a way that it was not as useful as the original. Instead of including an instruction to cook bacon, for example, the recipe list called for “pre-cooked bacon,” which could easily confuse a novice cook, as you can actually buy the pre-cooked stuff. My photo was also used. I’ve asked the Web site to add a proper credit line but in the meantime, if you post anything from this blog or from my columns, please give appropriate credit, k? Thanks bunches.

A favorite breakfast: Black rice jook topped with a poached egg, bacon and hot sauce.