You’ve probably seen McClelland’s European-style butter at a farmers market or local store. It is one of the county’s newest farmstead butters and it is absolutely delicious.

The plastic tubs of butter will be phased out this summer and replaced by the reusable brown ceramic containers that are already available.

Now you may be able spend a day with Farmer George, watching up close as he tends to the pastures, herds of heifers and cows that make the butter possible.

McClelland’s Dairy is holding a special “Shadow Farmer George” contest and here’s how to enter. Go to the farm’s Web site via this link, fill out the form–which asks, in 30 words or less, what it is you’d like to learn from Farmer George–and submit it, along with an entry fee of $10, which you pay via PayPal.

The afternoon with Farmer George takes place next Sunday, June 26, from 1:30 to 5 p.m. so if you want a chance, don’t delay. The winner of the contest can bring up to three additional guests (must be 6 years of age or older) and there must be at least one adult in the group.

McClelland’s Dairy is located in western Petaluma, on the edge of Two Rock Valley and its beautiful rolling hills and pastures.