The flat leaves of cilantro, shown here, are sometimes confused with Italian parsley

In yesterday’s Seasonal Pantry, which you’ll find here, I write about cilantro and promise to post links to some of my favorite cilantro recipes from the Seasonal Pantry archives. When I make such a promise, I try to post early in the day that the column appears. Oops. Not this time. I’m just now getting to it so here you go.

Cilantro roots are common in Southeast Asian cookery.

Do you have favorite ways to use cilantro? If so, please mention them here. You’ll notice that there are no salsa recipes here. Because it is a bit early for many of the necessary ingredients, I’m waiting a while before doing a separate post on making salsas at home.

Mexican-Inspired Cole Slaw

Three Thai Salads: with lamb; with pork; with beef

Chilled Avocado Soup with Marinated Bay Scallops

Summer Mixed Grill with Homemade Merguez & Chermoula Sauce

Sesame Shrimp Pasta Salad with Corn & Cilantro

When cilantro bolts in hot weather, save the seeds: It’s the spice known as coriander

Moroccan-Inspired Soup with Spring Vegetables, Preserved Lemons and Cilantro Sauce

Ants Climbing Trees Don’t be scared off; this is a delicious Asian noodle dish with ground pork or chicken

Yam Noodles with Ginger, Garlic, Red Miso, Cilantro & Lime