Arancine–risotto balls, in this case stuffed with blue cheese and prosciutto–are currently on the menu at K & L Bistro in Sebastopol.  I enjoyed some this afternoon, along with a grilled peach salad and a refreshingly dry white Italian wine.

A few days ago, Governor Jerry Brown was hanging out at K & L,  my favorite hometown bistro. On Wednesday evening, he dined with Joy Sterling, her amant and her parents, Audrey and Barry Sterling who were friends of the Governor’s late father, Governor Pat Brown.

A little bird told me that the Governor had a grilled Caesar salad and Petrale sole, which happens to be one of my favorite dishes at K & L. I’ve had it more times than I can count and it is always perfect. They drank Iron Horse chardonnay and Iron Horse rosé and when there was no more Iron Horse to pour, they opted for a Rochioli chardonnay.

Dinner, by all accounts, was a happy and successful affair, even for the security guards, who enjoyed a yummy meal out front.

Unfortunately, the Governor didn’t fare so well at Boon in Guerneville. He arrived about two minutes after the restaurant had closed and was not recognized. But no problem: This just means he’ll need to return soon. The Governor is no stranger to Sonoma County. He’s been spotted here on countless occasions; I even had a drink with him at Mixx in 1992, when he was running for President and eager to draw diagrams about his economic theories–I still have the placemat somewhere–but his history goes back way beyond that, to childhood vacations with his family.

And as always, Jerry Brown tapped right into one of the best restaurants around. He always seems to have his finger on the pulse, doesn’t he?