The most familiar types of pears

As promised in this week’s Seasonal Pantry column, which you can read here, I’ve gathered up recipes from the Seasonal Pantry archives that call for pears. The column includes recipes for Asian Pear Butter, Green Tomato & Pear Chutney and Pear Tart in a Polenta Crust with Blue Cheese Cream. If you have favorite ways for enjoying pears–or a favorite place to get them–please share the details in the comments section below.

Asian Pears are easily recognized by their speckled skin and, when ripe, their warm rosy blush.


Chicken Salad with Pears, Avocado & Hazelnuts

Salad of Roasted Chicken, Brie, Peas & Pears, with Warm Shallot Vinaigrette

Pear Sandwiches

Cranberry-Pear Chutney

Warm Asian Pear, Brie & Wine Grape Salad

Salad of Warm Greens with Pears, Brie & Bacon Vinaigrette

Pears are delicious poached in white wine, red wine, pear cider or brewed green tea.

Polenta Pizza with Pears & Brie

Chilled Pear Soup with Burrata