A reader emailed me this morning to say she couldn’t find the link to recipes for black-eye peas that I mentioned in a column about my New Orleans adventures.


I organized the post before I headed southeast but forgot to publish it. If you’ve been looking for it, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Down on your luck? Hoppin' John and Greens (collards, here) eaten on the first day of a new year are said to guarantee good luck and good fortune.

If you are the superstitious type or simply want to cover all your bases as we head into a new year, you might want to eat at least a bite of black-eye peas and greens as soon after the start of the year as possible. A Southern tradition says that this guarantees good luck and good fortune.

Years ago when I was catering a New Year’s Eve party, the hostess went around just after midnight with spoonsful, insisting each of guest have a bite. It’s a harmless custom and given that we all need as much good luck as possible during these precarious times, why not?

Here are links to some of my favorite dishes from the Seasonal Pantry archives.


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