If you need to add a little Italian cheer to your holiday, consider stopping by Lazzini’s Market today between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the Lazzini family is hosting an open house with nibbles and drinks, including Clover Eggnog.

The market opened in May at 3449 Bennett Valley Rd. in Santa Rosa.

It’s a sweet little place, the sort of convenient neighborhood store every community should have. There are staples and sundries, the sort of things you might need at the last minute and want to find them close to home. They also make a number of their own products–soups, chili, BBQ, sauces, Italian sausages and such–and you’ll find Italian wines and a boutique California wines tucked here and there among larger domestic producers.

I stopped by for a mortadella sandwich the other day and while it didn’t fill the hole in my heart opened by the closure of Traverso’s, it did ease my hunger. More importantly, the smile that came with my change was warm and genuine and that made me happy.