Several weeks ago, you may have noticed that commenting on this and other blogs here suddenly required a facebook account. Now, the former style of commenting is back on select blogs, including this one. As before, you simply post your comment, which then shows up in a file for me to approve or disapprove.

I approve all comments except those by flame-throwers.

I also edit for grammar, punctuation, spelling and clarity. This is not unusual; Letters to the Editor, for example, are also edited for these things and for length. However, most blog comments are not edited at all–it’s a jungle out there!–and that is one way that Eat This Now is different. I want it to be a conversation, without elements that may interfere with communication. For me–and for other grammar geeks–poor usage, incorrect punctuation, etc., interfere with communication and so I fix it. C’est simple, non?

Before the switch to facebook-based commenting, Eat This Now received lots of comments. They’ve decline by more than 90 percent since the change and that is why I am one of the bloggers to switch back.

Now, I want to hear from you: What are you eating?  What are you cooking? Where are you eating? What are you drinking? What do you want me to blog about?