Update: Despite wind, rain, downed trees and power outages, this garage sale was so successful that it was over as of about noon on Saturday. There will be no Sunday sale. The Cuisinart, vintage mixer and, yes, even the coffee percolator, along with dozens of other items, have been sold. Stay tuned, as there will be a second sale of household and garden furniture, sometime later this spring. And thanks so much to Eat This Now readers. Y’all are a nice, friendly bunch, according to all involved with the sale.


Cathy Sinclair, who is both a friend and a hula sister, is hosting a garage sale this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the first of several she’ll hold as she prepares to move to Hawaii Moku–aka Big Island–later this year or early next year. At this first sale, she’s offering a large vintage Cuisinart (these old machines are workhorses), a vintage stand-up KitchenAid mixer (how vintage, you ask? it’s avocado green, perfect for your Mad-Men-inspired kitchen), a coffee percolator (Joni Mitchell fans, name that tune), a bread maker, a hand-mixer and a lot of gently-used pots, pans and small kitchen appliances.

Remember when everything from mixers to stoves and refrigerators were avocado green? With luck, the popularity of Mad Men won't see a revival of this trend, though this mixer is definitely way cool.

There are also a lot of garden-related items, including pots, ornamental pieces, good buckets and barrels.

And if you happen to be a kayaker, you may want to check out the two one-person kayaks she’s letting go.

The sale takes place at 3542 Parker Hill Court in Santa Rosa; to get there take Chanate to Parker Hill Rd. and then follow the signs.

Tomorrow and Saturday, the sale runs from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The hours on Sunday haven’t been determined yet so check back here on Saturday if you want to attend on Sunday.

Several neighbors are also joining in the sale.