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Green Bean Season!

The most important thing to understand when cooking green beans is that they need actually cooking for their full flavors to develop. Uncooked or undercooked green beans were one of Julia Child’s pet peeves. Your teeth should go through a bean with just a tiny bit of resistance. If it is crunchy or bitter, it hasn’t been cooked long enough.… Read More »

Rosé with Gravlax: Wild Pacific King Salmon Cured with Absinthe & Black Pepper Oil

I just happened to have freshly cured gravlax on hand when it came time to explore Lasseter Family Winery’s 2014 Enjoué, a delightful rosé, in my Wine of the Week Pairing column. I sliced off a couple of thin pieces of silky salmon, poured a glass of well-chilled wine and let the pairing unfold on my palate. It was an exquisite match, with the layer of black pepper contributed by the essential oil teasing out subtle spice notes in the… Read More »

Blueberry Recipes: Chutney, Salsa, Risotto & More

Blueberry season calls for blueberry recipes. … Read More »

Got Zucchini? How To Keep Up With the Harvest

Got zucchini? In June 17′s Seasonal Pantry, which you can read here, I offer help for keeping up with the zucchini harvest, which is already well underway. I also promised to post links to zucchini recipes from the archives, so here you go. … Read More »

Apricot Shrub & Other Yummy Recipes for Summer’s Most Fleeting Fruit

2015: In today’s Seasonal Pantry, I explore shrubs, an increasingly popular category of beverage with history that extends back to pioneer days. You can read that column here.   In today’s Seasonal Pantry, which you can read here, I talk about apricots, with recipes for Chicken Kababs with Onions, Bacon, Apricots & Spicy Apple Cider Vinaigrette and Summer Bread Salad with Apricots and Warm Bacon-Maple Vinaigrette. I’ll post the promised photograph showing how to weave bacon onto a skewer late… Read More »