Your St. Patrick’s Day Traditions + My Recipes

It is a three-leaf shamrock and not a four-leaf clover that is a national emblem of Ireland. The weather certainly is cooperating when it comes to celebrating Irish cooking, isn't it? Rain, fog and rolling green hills make lamb stew, corned beef, botxy, colcannon, soda bread and such [...]

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Kiss Me, I’m Irish: More Than A Dozen Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

Or at least cook with me . . . use any of my Irish recipes and we'll be cooking together,  in spirt. If you have a big family or will be feeding a crowd on St. Patrick's Day, you can use my recipe for Sonoma Boiled Dinner with just a [...]

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For the love of traditional tacos

If you've read my columns over the years, you know I love traditional tacos. The simplicity of tender corn tortillas holding delicious morsels of perfectly seasoned foods cannot be improved. They are also remarkable simply to make at home, especially if you keep tortillas, cilantro and hot sauce on hand.

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Asian Salt Eggs & Spicy Salt Egg Sauce

You can buy Asian Salt Eggs in Asian markets but why, when we have such outstanding eggs in Sonoma County? Making your own, which is easy to do, has the added benefit of knowing where your eggs are from. Asian Salt Eggs are delicious and easy to make [...]

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Simple Potato, Bacon & Cabbage Soup for a Rainy Week

As rain came down in torrents here in Sebastopol, I made potato, bacon and cabbage soup. Because I had all of the ingredients on hand and also had homemade chicken stock in the freezer, it was so easy, with barely 10 minutes of hands-on work.

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Slow-Cooker Soups, Polenta & Grits

In December 16's Seasonal Pantry, I haul out my slow-cooker to prepare a Sonoma-style boiled dinner, which takes inspiration from the boiled dinners of New England as well as parallel traditions in Italy and France. In that column, I promise to post links to several recipes from Pantry's archives and so here you go.

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Green Bean Season!

The most important thing to understand when cooking green beans is that they need actually cooking for their full flavors to develop. Uncooked or undercooked green beans were one of Julia Child's pet peeves. Your teeth should go through a bean with just a tiny bit of resistance. If it is crunchy or bitter, it hasn't been cooked long enough.

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Franco’s Mexican-Style Chorizo with Queso Fundido

Franco Dunn makes irresistible chorizo, including Mexican-style chorizo (both verde and rojo).

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Blueberry Recipes: Chutney, Salsa, Risotto & More

Blueberry season calls for blueberry recipes.

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Got Zucchini? How To Keep Up With the Harvest

Got zucchini? In June 17's Seasonal Pantry, which you can read here, I offer help for keeping up with the zucchini harvest, which is already well underway. I also promised to post links to zucchini recipes from the archives, so here you go.

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