Your St. Patrick’s Day Traditions + My Recipes

It is a three-leaf shamrock and not a four-leaf clover that is a national emblem of Ireland. The weather certainly is cooperating when it comes to celebrating Irish cooking, isn't it? Rain, fog and rolling green hills make lamb stew, corned beef, botxy, colcannon, soda bread and such [...]

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Ahhh, Magical Soft Tacos: The Best Fair Food, EVER

The Original Soft Tacos returned to the county fair circuit a few years ago.

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The Season’s Sweetest Open House, Saturday & Sunday

The season's sweetest open house takes place this Saturday and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. both days, when Patisserie Angelica hosts its annual tasting.

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One’s Too Many, A Hundred Ain’t Enough: Some things are just too good

A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend who is also a fellow chef and teacher. Between us was an enormous bowl of lemons, the leftovers of a bushel that friends had given me. As we chatted about what we like to do when we have a lot [...]

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More Favorite Mexican Dishes

As promised in yesterday's Seasonal Pantry, here are links to some of my favorite Mexican dishes. In that column, which featured recipes for snapper ceviche, Drunken Chicken, orange, onion and jicama salad and strawberry-hibiscus agua fresca, I also promised a recipe for one of the best appetizers ever. It's true--Queso [...]

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More Superbowl Foods, Part 2: Chef Michael Mina’s Cioppino

San Francisco Chef Michael Mina is one of our culinary titans, with 17 restaurants in 8 states. (For details, visit his web site here.)  He's also a big 49ers fan and is currently in New Orleans for the game. Also, as many top chefs do, Mina uses ingredients [...]

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More Downstairs Food: Cottage Pie, Shepherd’s Pie and More

In this week's Seasonal Pantry, which you can read here, I talk about some of the differences between upstairs food and downstairs food, as seen in the classic Masterpiece drama "Upstairs Downstairs" and the hugely popular "Downton Abbey," which started its third season this last Sunday evening. Interestingly, Sunday's plot [...]

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Don’t Call Me Ma’am!

It's really just a little thing but, honestly, I hate being called ma'am. The only person who can call me ma'am is a tall thin Texas cowboy with his thumbs hitchin' up his jeans and a cowboy boot brushing floor as he says something like, "Aww, shucks, ma'am, you're just [...]

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Muffuletta Wars

The day after Christmas, I was walking along Decatur St. in New Orlean's French Quarter, heading to Central Grocery Co. for a muffuletta to take home to Hattiesburg. Just as I was realizing the famous store was closed, a scruffy guy about three-quarters of the way into a [...]

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Foie Gras on New Year’s Eve, Now or Possibly Never

If you want to indulge in foie gras, unquestionably a celebratory delight, to see in a new year, 2012 may be your last possibility, at least in California. On July 1, 2012, California Senate Bill 1520 (SB 1520), which forbids the production and sale of foie gras produced by "force-feeding," [...]

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