What’s your favorite turkey dressing? Here’s mine, along with other delicious options.

At heart, I'm pretty much of a traditionalist when it comes to turkey dressing. Here's my favorite way to stuff a turkey.

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Green String Farm on the cusp of spring

If you turn from Adobe Rd. into the long driveway that leads to Petaluma’s Green String Farm Store, you’ll notice several leafless trees with thin golden upright branches. Morning sun glances off them so beautifully that it is tempting to simply stop driving and drink in the sight. If you [...]

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Spend Sunday afternoon with Farmer George

Have a passion for dairy farming? Say why, in 30 words or less, and you might win Sunday afternoon with Farmer George of McClelland's Dairy.

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420 Tribute: Remembering Brownie Mary

UPDATE: This entry was originally in November of last year but in honor of April 20 and all things 420, I'm reposting it. Brownie Mary was a wonderful and unforgettably kind woman. *** As I watched the results of the election last night, Brownie Mary suddenly popped into my mind, [...]

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Apple Juice & Black Pepper Sauce for Foie Gras & Chicken

A sauce of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, black pepper and butter is delicious on both seared foie gras and roasted chicken. And what's just as good or even better is that it takes just minutes to make.

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Greenstring Farm Store, Open Daily 10 to 6

On the eastern edge of Petaluma, you'll find one of the North Bay's best farm stores, Greenstring Farm, a project of Bob Cannard and Fred Cline. And don't miss the turntable! You can listen to a favorite record while you shop.

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Spanish Musica: A most delicious green bean

It's green bean season and as you would expect, the best of the harvest is available at our farmers markets. Don't miss Middleton Farm's Spanish Musica. And don't undercook your green beans, lest you incur the wrath of Julia Child's ghost.

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