Eggs in Spring: Poached, Slow-Scrambled, Baked & More

Except during the year's darkest days and when she is moulting, a hen produces an egg every 24 to 28 hours. She doesn't need a rooster around to do it. She can't not do it. Not long after she lays one egg, she begins producing another. Some hens are happier [...]

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Bah-humbug, sort of

Valentine's Day disturbs me and it has for a long time, ever since I read the economic statistics: More money is spent on this holiday than any other, save Christmas. Between this knowledge and the constant barrage of ads to buy buy buy to prove your love, the [...]

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Dungeness Crab: A How-To Guide, with Recipes

For the most succulent Dungeness crab, cook it yourself. Eat This Now's step-by-step instructions make it easy. Honest.

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Cooking with Preserved Lemons, Part 2

When you have preserved lemons on hand, you want recipes that call for them. In this post, I feature recipes originally published in Seasonal Pantry in 2003: Butter Lettuce with Gorgonzola Dressing; Dungeness Crab with Meyer Lemon Remoulade, Composed Salad with Chicken, Olives & Angel Hair Pasta and more.

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Citrus Primer, with Photos & Recipes

DeSantis Farms has made uncommon citrus--Seville oranges, citron, Buddha Hand, limequats and more--readily available in the heart of Santa Rosa. Here are photos, along with favorite citrus recipes from the Seasonal Pantry archives.

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RIP Ophelia

I had a chicken in Forestville. A week ago, a critter got into the coop and killed her and one other hen. It is one of the risks of raising chickens, but worth the heartache when you understand the superiority of eggs from happy, well-fed hens. Recipes, too, of course.

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Drink This Now: It’s International Champagne Day!

Raise a glass to one of the purest pleasures humans have come up with, Champagne.

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