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More Superbowl Foods, Part 2: Chef Michael Mina’s Cioppino

San Francisco Chef Michael Mina is one of our culinary titans, with 17 restaurants in 8 states. (For details, visit his web site here.)  He’s also a big 49ers fan and is currently in New Orleans for the game. Also, as many top chefs do, Mina uses ingredients that are not in season right now, specifically, basil stems and red and yellow bell peppers. I’ll leave it up to you to decide to use these ingredients or not. As you… Read More »

Superbowl Poetry Slam? Why Not?

“If you want to do something really special on game day,” John Gaines, who was at the helm of The Tradewinds in Cotati for several decades, writes in a message to me, “be the only one on your block to have a poetry slam.” He is serious. “This is not as absurd as you may think,” he continues. He makes the point that The Ravens are actually named after a poem and calls the 49ers “a largely romantic ideal,” adding… Read More »

Don’t Call Me Ma’am!

It’s really just a little thing but, honestly, I hate being called ma’am. The only person who can call me ma’am is a tall thin Texas cowboy with his thumbs hitchin’ up his jeans and a cowboy boot brushing floor as he says something like, “Aww, shucks, ma’am, you’re just so pretty I don’t know what to say.” I thought about this on Saturday, as I munched a delicious muffaletta at the new Parish Cafe (you can read my post… Read More »

Muffuletta Wars

The day after Christmas, I was walking along Decatur St. in New Orlean’s French Quarter, heading to Central Grocery Co. for a muffuletta to take home to Hattiesburg. Just as I was realizing the famous store was closed, a scruffy guy about three-quarters of the way into a serious drunk, leaned over and said, “Hey, baby, it’s closed and that’s a good thing. Frank’s muffuletta is better and they’re open.” He pointed a few doors down and I followed his… Read More »