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Fresh From Our Farmers: Laguna Farm

In the 1980s, three pioneer farmers–Jeff Dawson of Grandview Farm, Leonard Diggs of The Farmery and Scott Mathieson of Laguna Farm–began growing mesclun, a French-inspired mix of salad greens harvested, leaf by tiny leaf, young. Before long, mesclun from Sonoma County began appearing on restaurant menus as far away as Boston, New York, Honolulu and Miami. By the 1990s, Dawson and Diggs had moved on to other agricultural endeavors but Mathieson kept producing his popular mesclun and had grown his… Read More »

Greenstring Farm Store, Open Daily 10 to 6

On the eastern edge of Petaluma, you’ll find one of the North Bay’s best farm stores, Greenstring Farm, a project of Bob Cannard and Fred Cline. And don’t miss the turntable! You can listen to a favorite record while you shop. … Read More »