Fresh From Our Farmers: Petaluma’s Greenstring Farm Stand

The Frates Rd. entrance to Green String Farms is lined with olive trees and rose bushes planted in wine barrels. The Adobe Rd. entrance takes you through fields of crops punctuated by trees, marigolds and other flowers, past a large chicken coop filled with happy laying hens and a few [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sonrisa Family Farms

Everything at Sonrisa Family Farm in Petaluma seems to radiate with an inner glow, a sense of purpose, of intention and of beauty. The first word that came to mind as farmer Lisa Colorado lead me around the five acres where she and her husband have lived for more than [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: First Light Farm

On Sunday at the Sebastopol Farmers Market, First Light Farm’s stall was brimming with just-picked vegetables, beautifully arranged. One long table featured mustard greens, collard greens, kales and pretty heads of butter lettuce and red leaf lettuce. Another table was piled high with Nantes carrots, red beets and [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Harvest Season Is In Full Swing

The season of abundance, which arcs over summer and fall, is in full swing, with all sixteen of our farmers markets open, offering twenty-three market days each week. Markets take place everyday but Monday and on certain days--Wednesdays, for example--you have a choice of three or four markets. If you’ve [...]

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Update: A readers asks about Shishitos

Nick from Petaluma wants to know where to find Shishito chiles. Do you have a source? If so, please share it here.

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One way to beat the heat

Nothing cools us during a heat wave quite like Hawaiian shave ice. Although I've never found a traditional version on the mainland, there are close approximations that will cool you off, in a delicious way. One can be found in Petaluma.

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Spend Sunday afternoon with Farmer George

Have a passion for dairy farming? Say why, in 30 words or less, and you might win Sunday afternoon with Farmer George of McClelland's Dairy.

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Petaluma’s Newest Bakery

Point Reyes Station's Bovine Bakery has opened a second location in downtown Petaluma, creating an embarrassment of bakery riches in our southernmost city.

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Greenstring Farm Store, Open Daily 10 to 6

On the eastern edge of Petaluma, you'll find one of the North Bay's best farm stores, Greenstring Farm, a project of Bob Cannard and Fred Cline. And don't miss the turntable! You can listen to a favorite record while you shop.

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