What’s your favorite turkey dressing? Here’s mine, along with other delicious options.

At heart, I'm pretty much of a traditionalist when it comes to turkey dressing. Here's my favorite way to stuff a turkey.

By | November 23rd, 2015|9 Comments

Dress Your Turkey in Something New: Oatmeal, Wild Rice

Here are two nontraditional options for stuffing your turkey. One, Skirlie, comes from Scotland. Another relies on true wild rice for its earthy flavor.

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Update: The Mysterious Case of the Bitter Taste

Harold McGee weighs in on pine nut syndrome.

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Reader Request: What do you eat when watching “The Godfather”?

A reader emailed a question to me this morning. "Some time ago, you wrote a column about watching The Godfather and making a certain complicated dish. . . You [also] wrote of having the opportunity to cook that same dish for Francis Ford Coppola and he was most favorably impressed. [...]

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