Thanksgiving Salad, by request

There have been a few technical issues with Eat This Now today. Several comments and questions on my previous Thanksgiving post have vanished, along with the email addresses of those who made the comments and asked the questions. I'm hoping that the woman who asked about a salad for Thanksgiving [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sebastopol in late November

To my thinking, if farmers show up at the market in the rain, the least I can do is the same. But at the Sebastopol farmers market on Sunday, neither vendors nor shoppers seemed deterred by the weather.

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Lentils: Ideal for Fall

Lentils are delicious and inexpensive. Here are ten recipes from the Seasonal Pantry Archives

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sebastopol in October

The Sebastopol farmers market is beautiful and inviting in October. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time, so that you can enjoy the community of the market as well as the best fruits and vegetables you can find anywhere.

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Update: The Mysterious Case of the Bitter Taste

Harold McGee weighs in on pine nut syndrome.

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Revised: What is a quince and why should you care?

Here are three new recipes to enjoy during Quince season, including Membrillo (quince paste) an Quince Compote, a delicious addition to your holiday table.

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