Artichoke Season!

Because artichokes are bountiful in the spring, it is easy to assume they are a spring crop. But in California, which supplies 100 percent of commercial artichokes in the US, artichokes are harvested year round, with crops peaking in the spring and again in the fall.

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UPDATE: Your favorite Gravenstein Recipes?

This year our beloved Gravenstein apple came on strong and fast. The crop is down because of warm weather in January, early drought and then rain right during bloom. If you love Gravensteins, don't miss this weekend's Gravenstein Apple Fair.

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Petaluma’s Greenstring Farm Stand

The Frates Rd. entrance to Green String Farms is lined with olive trees and rose bushes planted in wine barrels. The Adobe Rd. entrance takes you through fields of crops punctuated by trees, marigolds and other flowers, past a large chicken coop filled with happy laying hens and a few [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Green String Farm & Institute

On Sunday afternoon, as shadows grew long and the wind had me reaching for a warm scarf, the parking lot of Green String Farms was bustling with cars, customers coming and going, arms full of spring’s early harvest. The farm store is surrounded by “U-Dig” flower starts, vegetable [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sebastopol

Just as the reality of drought settled in, the rains came, welcome, wonderful and disruptive, especially of early spring’s harvest. The effect was all over the Sebastopol farmers market on the last Sunday in March. Farmers don’t skip a market because it is wet outside. In some instances--Sebastopol’s [...]

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Why the price of produce has soared

Why pay a premium for out-of-season produce when local crops are by definition in season and delicious? Eat This Now looks at the soaring price of produce and features recipes perfect for the season.

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Kennebec Potatoes, by request

For making French fries, most chefs recommend Kennebec potatoes. But where do you find them? Eat This Now knows. And shares.

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Three Potato, Four

Here are the final two recipes--Colombian-Style Pozole and Potato Doughnuts--from The Good Food Hour's Recipe Contest.

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Two Potato: Like a Rolling Stone

Bill Ardizoia of Santa Rosa made the judges giggle when he compared his tortino, which took second place in The Good Food Hour's 24th Annual Recipe Contest, to The Rolling Stones.

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One Potato

Here is the potato recipe that took first place at the Anything-But-Potato-Salad Potato Recipe Contest presented by The Good Food Hour on KSRO-AM with hosts Steve Garner & John Ash

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