Fresh From Our Farmers: Chestnuts for Thanksgiving

TAKE NOTE: CHESTNUTS, ALONG WITH CHANTERELLES AND QUINCE, WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE SANTA ROSA ORIGINAL CERTIFIED FARMERS MARKET, THIS WEDNESDAY FROM 8:30 A.M. TO NOON.  “The chestnuts were a little late this year,” Jim McCrumb of Sonoma Coast Organic Produce says, explaining that the burs--those nearly-impossible-to-crack cupules, each of [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sebastopol in late November

To my thinking, if farmers show up at the market in the rain, the least I can do is the same. But at the Sebastopol farmers market on Sunday, neither vendors nor shoppers seemed deterred by the weather.

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The season for quince

With just a few quince, you can make enough membrillo--quince paste--to last until next fall. Quince paste, a sweet condiment, is traditionally served with cheese.

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sebastopol

One talisman of fall, the bulbous quince, has appeared at the farmers market. It's time to make quince paste!

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Fresh Local Chestnuts, if you hurry

Chestnuts from a small farm on Fort Ross Road will be at the Santa Rosa farmers market on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

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Revised: What is a quince and why should you care?

Here are three new recipes to enjoy during Quince season, including Membrillo (quince paste) an Quince Compote, a delicious addition to your holiday table.

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Paula Downing Returns to Farmers Market

Last night at a special meeting of members, farmers and other vendors voted to reinstate Paula Downing as market manager after her abrupt dismissal several weeks ago by the board.

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