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Fresh From Our Farmers: The Patch Is Back!

The Patch is back! And how perfect that the Sonoma farm’s reappearance coincided with the solstice and the first day of summer. It’s a tad later than usual; we typically see The Patch in mid spring, with tiny Nantes carrots that have not yet filled out to reveal their characteristic curved tips. At the Sebastopol market on Sunday, it was easy to spot the variety from a distance. “I’ve been harvesting zucchini for five or six weeks,” farmer Lazaro Calderon said… Read More »

Fresh From Our Farmers: Singing Frogs Farm

Paul Kaiser coaxes a remarkable abundance from the two and a half acres he currently has in production at his Singing Frogs Farm in west Sebastopol, not far from Ragle Ranch Park. He operates a year round CSA subscription program with 120 members and attends four farmers markets, two of which are year round. Kaiser also harvests what we think of as summer crops remarkably early. Every year, he has zucchini and other summer squashes and cucumbers in April and… Read More »

Fresh From Our Farmers: Salmon Creek Ranch

On Saturday, Salmon Creek Ranch of Bodega had nearly its full array of products at the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market. Duck eggs are plentiful again and should remain so for the next several months. “Ducks are seasonal layers, much more dramatically so than chickens,” Jocelyn Brabyn, who oversees the market stall, explains, adding that ducks respond to longer daylight hours and that production went up exponentially on March 20, the first day of spring. The Brabyns do not… Read More »

Change at Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market, This Week Only

There will be NO MARKET this Saturday, May 3, at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts. For the final time this year, the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market must make an adjustment for a previously scheduled event. The market will take place on SUNDAY, MAY 4, not Saturday. It opens at 8:30 a.m. and wraps up at 1 p.m. This change will impact the Sebastopol Farmers Market a bit, too, as some vendors attend both markets and many… Read More »

Fresh From Our Farmers: The Patch in Sonoma Still Has tomatoes

“Are you still buying tomatoes?” a customer asked me at the Sebastopol farmers market on Sunday. She wanted to know if they were still good enough for salads and because I had not finished my shopping yet and tomatoes are, at this time of year, a moment-to-moment consideration, suggested she talk to Lazaro Calderon at The Patch’s booth. Later that day, as I was filling a bag with colorful heirloom tomatoes, Calderon said, “Tell everyone I will have tomatoes until… Read More »

Fresh From Our Farmers: Sebastopol’s New Family Farm

New Family Farm is one of Sonoma County’s few horse-powered agricultural endeavors. Farming partners Adam Davidoff and Ryan Power use five working-breed horses to prepare their fields sometime in May, after rainwater has receded, and the horses are used again to cultivate between rows of crops and to harvest potatoes. It is part of the duo’s overall plan of farming as close to the earth as possible. The land is certified organic. Farming techniques focus on building soil and keeping… Read More »

Fresh From Our Farmers: Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market

As the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market settles into its second harvest season in its new location at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, it has hit its stride as the country’s central farmers market. During its 16-month tenure at the center, it has moved several times to accommodate contracts in effect before the market became a tenant. Now it seems to have a permanent location, on the west side of the main building, adjacent to Highway 101,… Read More »

Fresh From Our Farmers: Canvas Ranch

As I surveyed the selections at the Canvas Ranch stall at the Santa Rosa Original farmers market last Saturday, I had to suppress a dance of joy when I saw little sacks of farro, an ancient grain sometimes known in North America as emmer. The ranch’s last two crops have sold out before I could snag a bag, so I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity. Grown in the low hills of Two Rock Valley near Tomales, Canvas Ranch… Read More »

Fresh From Our Farmers: Tusque Farms

Got bacon? It’s time for a BLT. The new Tusque Farms may be the first out of the gate with local tomatoes. They have just harvested their first Early Girls. The farm, located on five acres of The Kick Ranch in Rincon Valley, currently is harvesting Rainbow chard, Red Russian Kale, Lacinato kale, collard greens, zucchini and other summer squash, basil and those first Early Girls. Their pepper plants–several varieties, including Padrons, Corni di Torno and every color of bell… Read More »