Middleton Farm Lives On!!!

Middleton Farm lives on, with new owners who will follow in Nancy Skall's talented footsteps.

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Fresh From Our Farmers: The Patch Is Back!

The Patch is back! And how perfect that the Sonoma farm's reappearance coincided with the solstice and the first day of summer. The Patch has two large fig trees, already bearing beautiful fruit. It's a tad later than usual; we typically see The Patch in mid spring, with [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Singing Frogs Farm

Paul Kaiser coaxes a remarkable abundance from the two and a half acres he currently has in production at his Singing Frogs Farm in west Sebastopol, not far from Ragle Ranch Park. He operates a year round CSA subscription program with 120 members and attends four farmers markets, two of [...]

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Change at Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market, This Week Only

Chickens at Pepper Ranch Poultry, which attends both the Sebastopol and Santa Rosa Original farmers markets There will be NO MARKET this Saturday, May 3, at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts. For the final time this year, the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market must make [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: EarthWorker Farm

“I like to think of my farm as an experimental farm,” George Marcros of EarthWorker He has three quarters of an acre, with a quarter acre devoted to wild flowers and half an acre to crop production, which takes place in the soil, not in trays or hyrdoponic equipment. Farm [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: The Patch in Sonoma Still Has tomatoes

“Are you still buying tomatoes?” a customer asked me at the Sebastopol farmers market on Sunday. She wanted to know if they were still good enough for salads and because I had not finished my shopping yet and tomatoes are, at this time of year, a moment-to-moment consideration, suggested she [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sebastopol’s New Family Farm

New Family Farm is one of Sonoma County’s few horse-powered agricultural endeavors. Farming partners Adam Davidoff and Ryan Power use five working-breed horses to prepare their fields sometime in May, after rainwater has receded, and the horses are used again to cultivate between rows of crops and to harvest potatoes. [...]

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Updated: Wild Pacific King Salmon Recipes

For perfect wild king salmon that is juicy and tender, cook it slowly in a 225 degree oven. You'll get perfect results every time. And if you want to gild the lily, wrap each fillet in a rasher or two of partially cooked bacon first.

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Middleton Farm

Nancy Skall of Middleton Farm  grows what may be the best asparagus I’ve ever tasted. Stalks range from about the diameter of a chopstick to that of your big thumb and shoppers in the know reach for the fattest ones. The thinnest stalks are not, as many restaurant menus [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sam Kim’s Mushrooms

Sam Kim of Bohemian Well Being Farm is a familiar face to farmers market shoppers throughout Sonoma County. At the peak of the season, when all our markets are in full swing, you’ll find him at several each week with his cultivated and wild mushrooms, some not much bigger [...]

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