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More Downstairs Food: Cottage Pie, Shepherd’s Pie and More

In this week’s Seasonal Pantry, which you can read here, I talk about some of the differences between upstairs food and downstairs food, as seen in the classic Masterpiece drama “Upstairs Downstairs” and the hugely popular “Downton Abbey,” which started its third season this last Sunday evening. Interestingly, Sunday’s plot turned–in part–on food. These days, the lines are blurred, though more so in the United States than in England, which was true back then, as well. We’ve always been a… Read More »

What do Downton Abbey and Sausage Baron Franco Dunn have in common?

You might think that a popular television drama like Downton Abbey and a local sausage maker like Franco Dunn have little in common. But they do. Both the acclaimed drama and the widely praised artisan sausages stand on the shoulders of the pioneers who came before them. Downton Abbey wouldn’t exist, certainly not in its current form, without Upstairs Downstairs, the enormously popular 1970s PBS drama featuring the lives of an upper class British family and the butler, cook, maids… Read More »