Feeding My Dogs Joey & Lark: March 2013 Update

If I can cook for humans, I asked myself, I should be able to cook for canines, right? Right! Only there's not a lot of cooking involved.

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Redwood Empire Farmers Market Opens

On Saturday morning, not long before the kick-off of the Rose Parade, a new farmers market opened in the west parking lot of the Santa Rosa Veterans Building. The Redwood Empire Farmers Market is the fourth farmers market in Santa Rosa. For a summary of Santa Rosa markets, [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Petaluma Saturday Market Opens For Its 26th Season

The Petaluma Farmers Market, located in Walnut Park a few blocks south of downtown, opens for its 26th season this Saturday, May 19. There will be about 50 vendors, most of them returning, a few new. Many of the vendors attend several markets a week. Among them are Hector Alvarez, [...]

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A Good Bean For Your Slow Cooker + Soup Recipes

I've been experimenting with several varieties of heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo (based in Napa) and there's one that has really impressed me, the Hutterite Soup Bean, which you can read about in more detail here. Last night, as the lovely rain continued, I finished the last of [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sonoma Valley

On Friday morning, the Sonoma Valley farmers market is filled with customers--shopping, chatting and lingering over nibbles such as hummingbird-shaped cookies and lumpia--as a stream of moms, grandparents and nannies usher babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and pups into the adjacent park. Two vendors, Paul’s Produce and Oak Hill Farm, are located [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sonoma Valley

The Sonoma Valley Certified Farmers Market is one of the county's year-long markets. In mid-Autumn, it offers a glorious way to shop for nearly everything you need to feed yourself and your family.

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Occidental

The Occidental Farmers Market, held Friday afternoons and evenings from 4 p.m. until dusk from June through October, is one of the county's prettiest markets and a true reflection of its community.

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UPDATE: Fresh From Our Farmers: Sonoma Valley

Since 1985, the Sonoma Valley Certified Farmers Market has offered shoppers pristine produce, locals eggs, meats and cheeses, unique crafts and a pleasant place to linger every Friday morning, from 9 a.m. to noon.

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My Meat Box, Part 2: A Little Chicken

As I cook my way through my first subscription to a meat CSA, I am increasingly pleased with the results. But you don't need to be a subscriber to enjoy these recipes for local pastured chicken from small producers.

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My Meat Box, Part 1: First Pick-Up

After hesitating for years, I have signed up for a meat CSA. Here's the story of picking up my first box.

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