Hot on the heels of National Clam Chowder Day, today is National Pancake Day. There are dozens of such days, usually based on the marketing efforts of a company or promotional organization that stands to benefit from the increased awareness and consumption.

But what’s the harm? It’s easy enough to pick and choose which days interest you, which days you want to honor by diving into whatever delight is being celebrating.

In the spirit of such celebrations, where do you get your favorite  pancakes and what, exactly, are they? I prefer sourdough pancakes (sometimes with bacon) from my own kitchen or crisp potato pancakes wherever I come across them. I also love good buttermilk pancakes, too, the kind that don’t get soggy when you drizzle syrup over them. D’s Diner in Sebastopol makes great buttermilk pancakes, though I haven’t been there in a while.

When you want pancakes, what do you do? Make them? Head to a favorite diner? Call a friend and say you’re on your way over? Do you like them with maple syrup? Applesauce? Strawberry jam? Whipped cream and fresh fruit? Whatever your preference, please share it here. And if you don’t eat pancakes, please tell us why.

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