Mark Malicki is serving a prix fixe dinner tonight at Casino Bar & Grill in downtown Bodega. Gotta love a prix-fixe meal at a dive bar (and I mean dive bar in a good way).

He’s not taking reservations but he is staying late and has lots of food so if you’re looking for something fun and yummy at the last minute, this could be it. Dive bars tend to encourage romance–or something that seems like romance at the moment–so check it out. (And if you’re feeling glum because it seems like everyone on the planet except you is celebrating Valentine’s Day, take a look at Quirkyalone; you might just find your people.)

Mark’s $24 menu includes:

Steelhead Crudo with Pickled Beets, Potato Cracklings & Blood Orange Aioli

A choice of Grilled Sonoma Duck Breast & Warm Endive Salad with Pancetta and Green Garlic or Sheep Milk Ricotta Cannelloni with Collard Greens

Pink Lady Apple Tartlet with Muscat Sabayon