Final update: Colleen Gill won the two tickets to Cochon 555. It was a tough call and I wish I had tix for everyone. In the end, I was very touched by Colleen’s memories of Hawaii and kulua pig and touched by her wanting to take her brother with her. What cinched it was that they have not been back to the islands in a long time. I know what it is like to long to be there. Thanks to everyone for weighing inn.

Update: A winner and a first runner-up have been selected and notified by email so be sure to check yours if you made a case for why you should win. Once the winner has notified me that they can and will attend the event, I’ll identify them here. In the meantime, you never know. Things happen. If these first two picks can’t attend, I’ll make another selection so stay tuned.

Who gets the two tix I have to Sunday’s Cochon 555?

I don’t know yet.

So here’s the deal: Tell me why you should get one or two of the tickets. Tell me here, in the comment section. So far, there are two contenders. If no one else weighs in, one goes to one, one to the other.

If you’re dying to go, make your case.

If you want BOTH tickets, you have to work a bit harder. I will give both tickets to the 200th person who  “likes” Eat This Now’s facebook page, which you can find here, provided that 200th person lives close enough to go. So, your work begins. Encourage all your facebook friends to like the page.

Or aim lower and tell me why you should get a ticket.

I’ll call it around 7 p.m. Saturday evening.