My dear friend and colleague, L. John Harris, sent me an email earlier today with a link to his latest blog post at Zester Daily, The Culture of Food and Wine. I took a quick look at it, intending to read the entire post after I finished my work. But I couldn’t stop. I read to the end immediately and laughed out loud several times. If you need a good giggle–and with the weather, the viruses that are circulating and the seemingly endless bad news from every direction, who doesn’t?–this could be just the thing. In this instance, I think John taps into the annoyance we can all feel at times when we encounter holier-than-thou foodies and their “I’m-eating-this-and-you’re-not” attitudes. But his spin is silly, gentle and hilarious, not mean or snarky. You’ll find his tale and the accompanying cartoon here.

Al Peet, The Original Mr. Coffee (2009) by L. John Harris

John has always had a refined and intelligent yet silly sense of humor and, personally, I’m thrilled he’s returned to the arena of food after pursuing other endeavors for the last few years. His book, Foodoodles From the Museum of Culinary History, is a delight. You can find it locally at McCoy’s Cookware (2759 4th St., #A, Santa Rosa, next to Safeway near Farmers Lane) and read about it here.

And by the way, today is John’s birthday. Happy Birthday, John!