Chester Aaron lives in Occidental & is best known locally for his passionate tales of garlic.

Tonight Sebastopol’s Viva (7160 Keating Ave., Sebastpol) welcomes local treasure Chester Aaron for an evening reading that focuses on his latest book, About Them, in which the main character, Benny Kahn, explores his past and a world that is vanishing.

Benny will be familiar to the many fans of Chester’s widely acclaimed About Us, published almost 35 years ago. The book explores the years leading up to World War II through the eyes of the young Benny Kahn as he is growing up in Sundown, a mining town in Pennsylvania.

In About Them, Chester Aaron explores the world through the aging eyes of Benny Kahn.

In the new book, that same character, now an octogenarian, explores this world and the impact both time and memory have had. The narrative is at once funny, dramatic, chilling, warm, astonishing, highly emotional and absolutely unsentimental, which is as great a combination as we can imagine.

The event takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. and the $20 admission includes a light supper and a glass of Italian wine.

To join in this rare opportunity, call Viva right away at 824-9913 or click here to register.