Last year, I made pozole verde for both Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

UPDATE: In today’s Seasonal Pantry, “Pozole Blanco for Halloween,” which you can read here, I promise to re-post my pozole recipes, with corrections. This post, with its links, was originally done on October 29, 2010. In a few hours, I’ll post corrections to these recipes. I’m posting now, for anyone who reads the column and is looking for them. Stay tuned!

Pozole, a term that refers to both the dried corn also known as hominy and to soups and stews made using it, is a Halloween tradition among my family and friends. Over the years I have made several versions and these days, everyone expects me to prepare it for the holiday. There’s a pozole for almost everyone to enjoy, mild ones that kids like, super spicy ones, meatless versions, versions with seafood. I prefer Pozole Verde, as the flavors of cilantro, poblanos, serranos and lime create one of my all-time favorite combinations.

But I like Pozole Rojo almost as much and sometimes, Pozole Blanco hits the spot better than any other possibilities.

In Pozole Verde, the stock is colored green by poblanos and either jalapenos or serranos.

Pozole should always be served with corn tortillas, whether or not a recipe mentions it. If you live near a Latino market, you can often get fresh handmade tortillas, especially if you order a day in advance. If you don’t, La Tortilla Factory is making a very good hand-made style tortilla available in most markets throughout Sonoma County.

Here are pozole recipes from the Seasonal Pantry archives. Pozole itself is filling but if you’re feeding a crowd, you might want to add Queso Fundido as an appetizer and serve a salad, such as Jicama with Pomegranates & Cilantro alongside. To drink? Agua Fresca and cold beer are the best choices.

These tortillas are excellent; cook them over a low flame or on a dry griddle, turning them frequently, until very tender.

Pozole Blanco with Poblanos & Avocado

Pozole Verde

Pozole Rojo

Mexican Seafood & Pozole Stew with Cilantro Sauce

<a href=”Queso Fundido

<a href=”Jicama Salad with Pomegranates & Chipotle

Pineapple Agua Fresca with Ginger & Mint

Jamaica Agua Fresca

Use long tongs to blister poblanos directly over a gas flame.




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