Although there are nearly countless destinations for enjoying a traditional Irish meal at local restaurants and meeting halls on Thursday (I’ll be posting a blog entry about local options on Wednesday so stay tuned), there are deliciously enticing options for cooking at home, too. Or you can do both, enjoying one meal out and one at home. And when you cook, you have all those delicious leftovers.

Cheese rabbit--aka rarebit--has nothing to do with actual rabbit.

All of these recipes, from the archives of Seasonal Pantry, are excellent in the spring–not just on St. Patrick’s Day–and easy to prepare.

If you have a personal favorite dish, dishes or accompanying beverage, please tell us about it in the comments section.

Corned Beef & Cabbage with Leeks

Irish Lamb Broth with Farro

Lamb Stew with Leeks, Green Garlic & Mustard Bread Crumbs

A Contemporary Colcannon

Almost-Traditional Irish Soda Bread

Colcannon is a delicious side dish made with potatoes and cabbage

Brown Soda Bread

Honey Butter for Soda Bread

Classic Cheese Rabbit

Colcannon Torte with Cheddar Cheese

Irish Lamb Broth

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