4 August 2014: Gravenstein season is early this year. Some orchards are already picked, others will wrap up this week. I doubt I’ll have time to do a Seasonal Pantry column on our beloved apple this year but here are delicious recipes from the archives.

Don’t miss this weekend’s Gravenstein Apple Fair, which this year will have a cider tent, an artisan cheese tent, a do-it-yourself tent where you can join in some hands-on vegetable fermentation and cheese making and so much much, including the fabulous Hubbub Club Marching Band.

In today’s Seasonal Pantry, which you can read here, I talk about Sebastopol’s signature fruit, the Gravenstein Apple. In that column, which includes recipes for Spicy Apple Chowder with Bacon and Spicy Wine Country Applesauce, I promise to post links to some of my favorite dishes from the Seasonal Pantry archives and so, here they are. If you have a minute, please share your favorite ways to enjoy Gravensteins in the comments section.

What I sensed in that column, written ten days ago, has unfolded exactly as I suspected it would. Fall has arrived early this year and its evocative scent is every where now.

Quail & Bacon with Apple Cider Sauce

Chicken Thighs with Apple Cider Sauce

Boudin Noir with Apple & Potatoes




Thin-Crusted Apple Tart

Gravenstein Cole Slaw

Gravenstein Apple & Peach Compote with Raisins & Pine Nuts and with Bellwether Crescenza

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