In today’s Seasonal Pantry, which you can read here, I talk about breakfast, a meal I often find challenging, not because of its preparation but because I’m rarely hungry early in the day. In that column, I promise to post recipes to some of my favorite breakfast dishes, delicious any time of day or night, and so here they are.

I do find breakfast particularly welcome and enjoyable on rainy days like this one and plan to indulge soon. Freshly-made chai is steeping.

Breakfast Jook (great any time of day) with Fried Shallots

Nina Simonds’ Rainbow Congee

You can reach my full post about jook here.

Soft-Cooked Eggs with Spring Greens, Dry Jack & Creamy Vinaigrette  At this time of year, use fall and winter greens in place of spring greens.

Slow-Cooked Eggs with Celery Root, Dungeness Crab & Creamy Vinaigrette

French Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Asparagus, Leeks & Dungeness Crab  In the winter, omit the asparagus.

Marion Cunningham’s Sour Milk Waffles

My Favorite Sourdough Waffles with Bacon

Chai is one of my favorite morning beverages. I never buy it; I always make it at home, which is very easy to do. Here are a few favorite recipes.

My Homemade Chai

Malvi Doshi’s Masalawali Chai

Bombay Cafe’s Masala Chai

Tea with Mint and Cardamom

Madhur Jaffrey’s Saffron Tea

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