The virus that is sweeping through the North Bay this month is tenacious and enduring. I’ve been under its thrall, so to speak, since Jan. 2 and I’m still not back to normal. When I feel up to cooking, I poach a chicken and then use the carcass and breast meat to make a rich stock, when I turn into soup or jook (aka congee, rice porridge; read about it here).

These dishes may not heal you but they will provide good, flavorful nourishment while you are sick and make you feel better for at least a little while.

Ochazuke with Chicken and Nettles

Hot Ginger Lemonade

Simple Beef Broth

Sweet Potato Broth

If you’re feeling just fine and simply want to make soup because it is that time of year, you’ll find a round up of many of my favorites, including vegetable, chicken and beef stock, here.

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