Blueberry Shrub, full strength

Blueberry Shrub, full strength

UPDATE: It’s berry season in Sonoma County and Sonoma Swamp Blues is now harvesting their delicious blueberries. Read about the farm, located adjacent to the Laguna de Santa Rosa, here.

With blueberry season starting in Sonoma County, as I discuss in this week’s Fresh From Our Farmers, it’s good to have easy and delicious blueberry recipes at your fingertips, to enjoy after eating your fill of the berry neat. Here are favorites from recent my Seasonal Pantry and Pairing columns.

White Fox Farm blueberries have ripened this week and will be available at the West End Farmers Market on Sunday, May 9. Sonoma Swamp Blues and blueberries from Sebastopol Berry Farm are still a few weeks out.

Do you have a favorite way to enjoy spring’s first berry? If so, please take a minute to share it with us in the comments section below.

Blueberry Shrub  A simple blend of blueberries and vinegar. Delicious in sparkling water, sparkling wine or still water. Healthy, too.

Blueberry Chutney Non-traditional but one of my all-time favorite chutneys; very easy to make.

Chilled Blueberry Soup with Burrata John Stewart of Zazu may hate fruit soups, but in really hot weather when you have a bounty of fresh fruit they can be just the thing.

Warm Chicken Liver Salad with Poached Eggs, Blueberries and Bacon Blueberries and chicken livers are a fabulous combination. Honest. Really really good.

Blueberry Barbecue Sauce And why not? Perfect on pork and boar.

Pasta Salad with Blueberries, Cucumbers, Feta & Fresh Herbs Deliciate, refreshing, simple to make, portable and, of course, delicious.

Blueberry Risotto with Seared Duck Breast & Blueberry Relish  When you want to make a good merlot blossom, try this fabulous risotto, with or without the duck breast.

Blueberry Salsa I wouldn’t put it on tacos but it is wonderful with fresh ricotta, fresh whole milk yogurt and as part of a cheese plate.

Blueberry & Corn Relish with Ricotta It won’t be long before we have fresh local corn to pair with local blueberries.

Seared Duck Breast with Roasted Beets, Farro & Sautéed Blueberries  Earthy, savory, sweet and even a little sexy, it’s a perfect spring feast.

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