Moroccan-Inspired Soup and More Mediterranean: North Africa & the Middle East

In today's Seasonal Pantry, I explore the Mediterranean diet, which is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. You can read that article here. As promised in that column, here are links to some Mediterranean-inspired recipes from the Pantry's archives. This post focuses on flavors of North Africa and the Middle East [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Handlebar Farm

If you have been looking for fresh soy beans, you'll find them at Handlebar Farm's booth at the West End Farmers Market.

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Cooking with Wine: Some Favorite Recipes

As I promised in today's Seasonal Pantry, which you can read here, I'm posting links to some of my favorite recipes that call for wine. Because I use it so frequently, it is impossible to include all the recipes here. I've chosen those most suited to fall and winter and [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Sebastopol

Just as the reality of drought settled in, the rains came, welcome, wonderful and disruptive, especially of early spring’s harvest. The effect was all over the Sebastopol farmers market on the last Sunday in March. Farmers don’t skip a market because it is wet outside. In some instances--Sebastopol’s [...]

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Petaluma in October

The Petaluma Farmers Market is thriving, with a bountiful late summer and early fall harvest.

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Fresh From Our Farmers: Healdsburg

The Healdsburg Farmers Market opened for its 33rd season on Saturday. It's a beautiful market, with many vendors who sell nowhere but here.

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UPDATE: Fresh From Our Farmers: Santa Rosa

You'll find delicious spring delicacies--asparagus, nettles, rhubarb, mushrooms and more--along with an abundance of delicious eggs at the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Markets, which takes place on both Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

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