This Sunday evening on my radio show, Mouthful, the Wine Country’s Most Delicious Hour, I’ll be exploring the history of the Santa Rosa Original Farmers Market. I tend to keep what I do on my two food-related radio shows separate from what I do in print but I’m posting about it here because I think it is an urgent topic. The show will include a recorded interview with one of the market’s original founders, a live discussion with the current market manager, two former market managers (one of Santa Rosa, one of Healdsburg) and a long-time vendor. If there is time, we’ll also take a few calls from listeners.

Unless you pay absolutely no attention to the news, you’re aware that there’s a pretty big market dust-up under way. The issues, as far I am aware of them, are complex. I have not spoken publicly about them and I’m not doing so in this post or on the radio show. The one thing I will say is that I am very concerned about Sonoma County’s signature market and hope, every day, that things are resolved so that all of our farmers, ranchers and other vendors thrive.

But humans being what we are–a diverse lot, with both intersecting and competing interests–conflicts arise from time to time. What I do to ease my own anxieties and the advice I give to those who ask me for it is to look at history, to understand there’s been trouble before and there will be again because it is simply the nature of life, of human endeavors. Things get messy, even when everyone tries to do their best.

This show will not address the current controversy and that applies to both on-air guests and callers. I’m leaving that for another time, when how the situation will be resolved becomes more clear; from my point of view, it is, at this point, too soon for that discussion. Think of this episode as a history lesson from those who have been there and let’s see what that history might be able to teach us about the future. I think it is at least worth a try.

The show will air on KRCB FM 90.9 & 91.1 fm on Sunday evening at 7 p.m. PDT. You can hear it via Comcast Cable 961 and stream it on line via and itunes. It will be available as a free podcast by Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you have a question, you may also post it here and I’ll try to get an answer during the show. 

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